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The easiest way to get started using the Mininet network simulator is to use the Mininet virtual machine. It is based on the Ubuntu Linux Server operating system and comes with all the software and tools required to support Mininet already installed. 

Mininet open-source network simulator running on an Apple iMac

The Mininet web site provides detailed setup notes, describing how to download and use the Mininet virtual machine. While I was following the procedure described in these notes, I found a few points where some more information would have been helpful. For my own reference, and to help anyone else who will install Mininet, I list the procedure I followed in the post, below.

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Today, I registered for the on-line course, Introduction to Computer Networks, presented by Stanford University.

The class, which starts on October 8, is a massive open online course. One of the instructors, Nick McKeown, co-founded and sold three technology companies of which the most notable is Nicara, which focused on Software Defined Networks. So, I hope that, even though this is an introductory course, we will get some unique insights from this distinguished professor and/or a different way of looking at this topic.

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