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The Netkit open-source network simulator was created by a group of university professors who use it as a tool in their teaching. They created a large number of pre-configured lab scenarios, each with lecture slides that describe the scenario and the technology used in the scenario, and make these assets available on the Netkit web site.

Netkit open source single-area OSPF pre-configured lab

Netkit network simulator running the pre-configured single-area OSPF lab

This library of pre-configured lab scenarios and acompanying lecture slides is one of the key benefits of Netkit. In this post, we will explore one of the prepared labs: the single-area OSPF lab.

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Installing Netkit

January 3, 2013

We will install the Netkit open-source network simulator on an Ubuntu Linux 12.04 system that is installed on a virtual machine on my iMac. As I’ve mentioned before, running Linux in a virtual machine on a Windows or a Mac is a convenient way to experiment with different Linux systems and software. Netkit, because it uses user-mode linux as a virtualization tool, will run in a virtual machine.

This post will list the steps I followed to install Netkit. I am recording these steps for my personal reference. The Netkit web site provides detailed installation instructions.

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NetKit test drive

August 25, 2012


Let’s look at the NetKit network simulator first. NetKit offers some useful prepared labs and provides the NetKit files already installed on a Knoppix LiveDVD. These assets make it easy to try out Netkit.

To take a first look at NetKit, we will load the LiveDVD into a VirtualBox virtual machine running on our computer and follow the steps below to run a simple lab using NetKit.

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