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When a researcher uses the Mininet network simulator to create a network of hosts and switches connected to an SDN controller, he or she may wish to be able to see what the simulated network topology looks like.


The POX SDN controller includes a component that will send network topology data to the Gephi data visualization platform, which can the show a graph of nodes and links representing the network topology. In this post, I will show how to set up POX and Gephi so we can see the network topologies created using the topology options in the Mininet command.

While we work through this tutorial we will also see how the POX SDN controller, which does not offer a native Northbound API, can use POX components to provide northbound interfaces.

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This post describes how to install the Gephi graph visualization utility on the Mininet 2.2 virtual machine.

I want to investigate the node and link discovery function of OpenFlow and, to do that, I plan to experiment with some components of the POX SDN controller that interface with the Gephi graph visualization utility. Previously, I set up the Mininet network simulator, which includes the POX SDN controller. The final step is to install Gephi on the Mininet virtual machine.

Unfortunately, I found that the install instructions on the Gephi web site do not work. So, I used another procedure to solve the Java issue I encountered and complete the installation.

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