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We will install the Cloonix open-source network simulator on a Knoppix Live USB drive. Knoppix is a version of Linux that is designed to boot from a CD, DVD, or USB drive. It can run on almost any computer hardware and it runs in memory, so it does not affect the hard drive of computer on which it is running. If we install Knoppix on a USB thumb drive and then install Cloonix, we can run network simulation experiments on almost any computer, without having to install any software on that computer.

Cloonix on Knoppix desktop

Using a special version of Cloonix, cloonix-19.brian, and after some more trial and error, I was able compile and run Cloonix on the Knoppix Linux operating system. I describe the procedure I followed below,

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Picture of three virtual machines in the Cloonix graph window

I used the Cloonix open-source network simulator to simulate a very simple network. This helped me understand how to use the “point and click” functionality provided by the graph function to manually build and configure a test network. I also hope that the following procedure would be useful as a simple tutorial for anyone interested in learning to use Cloonix.

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For a while now, I’ve been trying to get the Cloonix open-source network simulator working on a computer running the Knoppix Linux distribution. I wanted to run everything on a USB Flash stick that could be attached to any computer and to create a portable version of Cloonix. Since I cannot yet run Cloonix in a virtual machine, running it from a USB Flash stick is the next best solution, for my situation.

So far, my efforts to run Cloonix on a Knoppix Live USB stick have not been successful. The Cloonix development team has been very helpful and they made some changes to the Cloonix code to enable it to compile in Knoppix. With their help, I will probably be able to get Cloonix running on Knoppix, soon.

As part of my investigation, I wanted to see if some of the issues were caused by trying to run Cloonix in a Live USB version of Linux. A live USB Linux installation has some differences to the way memory and filesystems work, compared to Linux installed on a partition on a hard drive. Since I had successfully used Cloonix in a normal installation of Ubuntu Linux 12.04, I set up a LiveUSB version of Ubuntu on a USB Flash drive and installed Cloonix on it.

I ran into one small issue that I was able to resolve. After that, everything worked well. For my own reference, I recorded the process, below:

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This article describes my first experience with the cloonix open-source network simulator. I installed cloonix on ubuntu 12.04 and tested it by running the demonstration script provided with the cloonix package. The demonstration script sets up a simulated OSPF network and runs HTTP traffic between two virtual computers attached to that network.

cloonix network simulator

cloonix network simulator running on ubuntu 12.04

The cloonix package provides modified versions of networking tools and virtual machine management tools, so one does not need to install a lot of supporting software. The developers also provide filesystems for Linux distributions such as Debian and Vyatta (a Linux router) that can be used in the simulations. More details about what makes cloonix special are available in the online cloonix documentation.

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