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The CORE Network Emulator development team released CORE version 4.7 in August 2014. I installed this new version of CORE on a newly-installed Linux 14.04 system and tested some of the new features.


In this post, I list the new features that are most relevant to researchers who use the CORE GUI to set up and run network simulations. I also list some of the defects that I found, along with workarounds.

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Today, I registered for the on-line course, Introduction to Computer Networks, presented by Stanford University.

The class, which starts on October 8, is a massive open online course. One of the instructors, Nick McKeown, co-founded and sold three technology companies of which the most notable is Nicara, which focused on Software Defined Networks. So, I hope that, even though this is an introductory course, we will get some unique insights from this distinguished professor and/or a different way of looking at this topic.

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