Install Mininet on an Amazon EC2 server

March 8, 2015 — Leave a comment

To install the Mininet SDN network simulator on a remote server running on Amazon’s EC2 cloud, follow the procedure shown below. After installing it, I did some basic tests and it seems that Mininet works well on the Amazon EC2 server.

From my laptop PC, I connect to the Amazon EC2 instance via SSH1. In the example below, the server’s private key file AWS-PrivateKey.pem is stored in the folder ~/AWS and the server’s public IP address is I had previously created a new user brian on the server.

brian@Laptop:~$ ssh -X -i ~/AWS/AWS-PrivateKey.pem brian@

To install the latest stable version of Mininet, plus all supporting software, execute the following commands on the Amazon EC2 server running Ubuntu Server 14.04.

brian@AWS:~$ sudo apt-get install git
brian@AWS:~$ git clone git://
brian@AWS:~$ mininet/util/ -a

To test the installation, run the following command:

brian@AWS:~$ sudo mn --test pingall

The benefit of installing Mininet on a remote server such as an Amazon EC2 instance is that I can now experiment with Mininet from any computer, including a tablet or smartphone, at any time as long as I have a connection to the Internet.

  1. See my previous posts about setting up an Amazon EC2 micro-instance, adding users, and configuring it for remote access if you do not already have an Amazon EC2 server set up. 

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