Install Mininet on an Amazon EC2 server

March 8, 2015

To install the Mininet SDN network simulator on a remote server running on Amazon’s EC2 cloud, follow the procedure shown below. After installing it, I did some basic tests and it seems that Mininet works well on the Amazon EC2 server.

From my laptop PC, I connect to the Amazon EC2 instance via SSH1. In the example below, the server’s private key file AWS-PrivateKey.pem is stored in the folder ~/AWS and the server’s public IP address is I had previously created a new user brian on the server.

brian@Laptop:~$ ssh -X -i ~/AWS/AWS-PrivateKey.pem brian@

To install the latest stable version of Mininet, plus all supporting software, execute the following commands on the Amazon EC2 server running Ubuntu Server 14.04.

brian@AWS:~$ sudo apt-get install git
brian@AWS:~$ git clone git://
brian@AWS:~$ mininet/util/ -a

To test the installation, run the following command:

brian@AWS:~$ sudo mn --test pingall

The benefit of installing Mininet on a remote server such as an Amazon EC2 instance is that I can now experiment with Mininet from any computer, including a tablet or smartphone, at any time as long as I have a connection to the Internet.

  1. See my previous posts about setting up an Amazon EC2 micro-instance, adding users, and configuring it for remote access if you do not already have an Amazon EC2 server set up. 

One response to Install Mininet on an Amazon EC2 server

  1. hi,
    I installed mininet in EC2 AWS, when I run xterm h1 in the mininet shell I get nothing. when I run xterm outside the mininet shell it works fine.

    if I type h1 xterm, I get the following error.
    Warning: This program is an suid-root program or is being run by the root user.
    The full text of the error or warning message cannot be safely formatted
    in this environment. You may get a more descriptive message by running the program as a non-root user or by removing the suid bit on the executable. xterm: Xt error: Can’t open display: %s

    any recommendations?