CORE Network Emulator updated to 4.8

June 14, 2015

The CORE Network Emulator has been updated to version 4.8. This new version fixes the issues I noted in my previous review of CORE release 4.7. It also implements some new features. See the CORE 4.8 release notes for all the details.

The most visible change is the addition of some new services — most notably a new Docker service that will allow Docker containers to be used as nodes in the simulation scenario.

More about CORE

I’ve written a lot about the CORE Network Emulator and all my previous posts are still relevant to CORE 4.8 — except where I discuss the bugs in previous versions that are fixed in the latest release. If you have not used the CORE Network Emulator before, I suggest you read the following posts, in order:

This should get you started using the CORE Network Emulator. If you wish to learn more, please read my other posts about CORE and consult the CORE documentation.

Install CORE 4.8 from packages

One can install CORE from source code but for this version I will install it from the packages created by the CORE development team.

Download the CORE package from the CORE project’s packages repository. We need to download and install two packages: core-daemon and core-gui.

In this case, I download and install the packages for Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr), which are available at the following links.

Open each file in Ubuntu Software Center (or other .deb package manager) and install it.

Example of installing a .deb package with Ubuntu Software Centre

Example of installing a .deb package with Ubuntu Software Centre

NOTE: Updated May 11, 2017 — The install procedure listed above works in Ubuntu 14.04 but not in Ubuntu 16.04. The version of CORE 4.8 that comes in the Ubuntu 16.04 repository does not work correctly in Ubuntu 16.04 (or later). When running the *Quagga* service on a router, it fails to start the routing daemons due to a permissions bug in CORE. This is fixed in the latest CORE build but the fix has not yet been incorporated into the CORE Ubuntu package. [Install CORE from source code]( if you are running it on Ubuntu 16.04 or later.

Then, start CORE with the following terminal commands

$ sudo /etc/init.d/core-daemon start
$ core-gui

5 responses to CORE Network Emulator updated to 4.8

  1. I am a new user of CORE. I installed it on Ubuntu 14.04. I created a PC, started the session and opened a terminal on the PC. I noticed that the emulated host terminal gives full root access to the *host* machine without password. I did not run CORE as root and the root user is not enable on my machine. This cannot be the so. Can you comment on this?

  2. Very useful and good tool. We use CORE to study MANET. Is CORE also being used for evaluating LTE? Are their packages for it in CORE?

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