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I recently purchased a used Lenovo Thinkpad T420 laptop to replace the Lenovo Thinkpad T400 I was previously using as my main platform for researching open-source network simulators and emulators. The T420 is a five-year old product but it offers all the ports and performance I need. Because it is well past its depreciation curve, anyone can purchase a used T420 for a very low price.


I wanted a computer that supports high-resolution external monitors so it required a DisplayPort output. I also wanted to expand the number of VMs I can run concurrently with adequate performance so I needed a processor that supports HyperThreading. I wanted to switch to the Ubuntu Linux distribution and the Ubuntu Unity desktop environment needs just a bit more processing power to run smoothly. The Lenovo Thinkpad T420 meets all these requirements.

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When writing a blog post about a technical topic, I often capture a lot of screen shots that I need to edit before adding them to my blog article. Usually I want to add a border around each image and I sometimes want to reduce the size of images that are too large. I want to do this quickly and easily so I use ImageMagick, an open-source command line image editor.


ImageMagick is a powerful image manipulation tool with an intimidatingly large set of options and subcommands. However, most bloggers will use only a few simple options. In this post, I will show how to install and use ImageMagick to perform the simple image conversions bloggers typically need. I will show how this can be done on each of the major operating systems: Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

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Blog status report 2014

August 7, 2014

The occasion of my fiftieth post is a good milestone to pause and look back on the two years since I started blogging about open-source routing and network simulation. I will review the blog’s performance statistics and reflect on why I started this blog and what I want to do next.

50th post stats

The chart above shows the blog traffic over the past two years, starting in August 2012. In the first year I thought I would reach only a small audience but, as I posted more content, more users found my blog. In the past twelve months, 29,500 unique users visited this blog. Traffic grew steadily almost every month in the past year.

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Image used is from

Image used is from

When I started researching open-source routing and networking software, I ran the open-source Linux operating system on a virtual machine running on my Apple iMac computer. When I wanted to experiment with virtualization technologies such as KVM, which will not work inside a virtual machine, I set up my iMac to dual-boot Linux and Mac OS X.

Eventually, I wanted a second computer on which I could frequently install and re-install different distributions of Linux without worrying if I would cause problems on the iMac, which is also used by the rest of my family.

I needed to buy a computer specifically for my research project. I wanted to get a good computer at a very low price. Read on to learn about the Lenovo T400 laptop computer, an excellent and inexpensive Linux platform.

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Google Webmaster Tools

March 5, 2014

Recently, Google temporarily dropped my blog from its search results. Since over 75% of my traffic comes from first-time users who find the site through search results, this effectively caused a two-day “outage” for my site.

As I tried to understand why my blog was not findable in Google, I realized that it would have been helpful to have Google Webmaster Tools set up on my hosted web site.

This post describes how to set up Google Webmaster Tools for a blog hosted on a remote server managed by a service provider, such as bluehost.

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