newface1I am a professional electrical engineer currently working as a product line manager for a large telecommunications company in Canada.

As a personal project, I am researching open-source switch and router software, open-source server software, open-source network simulation tools, and open-source software defined networking technology.

I write posts about the open-source network emulation and network simulation tools that I find. I am working to create a resource that will help readers to simulate the functionality of complex traditional and software defined networks on a single personal computer using free software.

I usually post new articles on this blog about once per month. I post links to useful resources that I find on my twitter feed about a few times per week. To ensure you do not miss any posts, please subscribe to my RSS feed. To receive daily updates about useful resources, please follow me on twitter.

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My e-mail address is: mail@brianlinkletter.ca


My blog is built on a self-hosted installation of WordPress. I host this site on a shared server I rent from BlueHost. I purchased BlueHost’s shared-hosting “starter” plan which offers good performance at a low price. My domain names are managed by Hover, which allows me to redirect domain names to my BlueHost server.

I use the Standard Theme, by 8bit.com. This theme is no longer available for purchase because 8bit.com closed its business. The Standard Theme still works for me so I continue to use it. It is optimized for SEO and it offers a clean, professional design. I haven’t yet found another theme I like better. A theme that looks similar to the Standard Theme is the Canvas theme from WooThemes.

I use the following plugins with my WordPress installation:

I use a Lenovo T420 laptop computer running Ubuntu 16.04 for my research and writing. I describe how I set up my Linux computer on another page. I also occasionally use my Apple iMac computer to write posts or to run Linux on a virtual machine.


Periodically, I review the status of my blogging experience in this section.

I started blogging in July 2012 and I am pleased to see that interest in this blog has grown to over thirty-two thousand visitors per month. During the past twelve months over 360,000 individual users visited this blog and viewed over 690,000 pages. Thank you, all.


This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer, or of anyone associated with me.

Occasionally, I may link to web pages of companies, products, or services that provide me with some compensation if you click on their links and then purchase from those companies. These are called “affiliate links”. I will always offer my own, truthful opinions and do not take any compensation in exchange for publishing an opinion. If you do click on one of these links, I thank you for supporting this site.

On a few occasions I have received products for free because the sender hoped that I would mention them on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be appreciated by the readers of my blog. If I review a commercial product, such as a book, I will clearly identify if I have been provided with a free review copy in the review post.

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